Monday, July 20, 2009

Moon Landing!!

Its been 40 years since the moon landing and we still cant get over it can we?
So yeah hoo haa, we landed on the moon, but then didnt we send a drone to Mars some time back. Huh! guess that was not so big a deal. Its amazing how every year, whenever this topic comes up people still question the moon landing. I actually come from the school of thought that it was indeed one giant leap for man kind that fateful day, so as you can see, I'm a believer. But everyone seems to be questioning the whole idea now so I have a few questions of my own:

1) There were 3 guys who achieved this historic feat- Neil, Buzz and "the other guy". How many of us actually know the name of "the other guy". How ironic that every group picture of the trio that I've come across features Neil and Buzz seated looking comfy and "the other guy" making the background scene; I mean come on seriously.......
I think its only fair to dedicate this the 40th year of the moon landing to "the other guy".

2) Who decided that Neil would make the first step anyways? Was he captaining this mission? Lets say he were, in which case the rules of engagement especially when concerning the "third kind" calls for the captain to hold ground and get the boys out first.
Here's my theory:
(a) the toilet on the capsule was clogged!!!! and Neil was a big boy with the smallest bladder or (b) the three of them must have fought for it and the first two made the list, coz as we've been told, one had to stay back to keep the engine running!!!!!!
Can you believe that, we send man to the moon, the moon, once again- THE MOON, but dont have an auto pilot/ anchors ahoy sort of a mechanism onboard. Wow, I would never get onto that flight. Seriosuly, I think its just too far, too much, too long for my liking. I'm a sucker for good airline food, and pills to substitue a pasta or steak dont go down well with me; but may be, just may be the onboard entertianment system must have been good coz that brings me to
(c) the onboard movie was still playing and so "the other guy" decided to stay on till the end, and hence the anonimity.

I'm happy for the moon landing, I really am. I think man shud forget the moon, and mars coz thats familiar territory; lets go to Venus guys!!!!

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