Friday, October 23, 2009

"Oct Fest" with Mates

Everyone was doing it so how could we resist.

So we got through the first hour STANDING

But with the help of a little distraction (ahem.. ahem... Frau Petra!!!!) and a very excited but Thirsty Traveller

... might I add thirsty and Hungry

the party went on

... and on

... we thought we'd get ONE for the road, but then mixed moods went flying around, scroll down and see for yourself

Specimen 1- moddy blues, just before landing
"i don't want to go home"

Specimen 2- still flying, very high!!!

all good things come to end; so did this night. The hotel staff had, had enough of us
Was a great evening guys. Thanks & Prost!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

your last song!

Its nearing midnight, and in a few minutes, we'd have spent over 24 hrs in the office.
One of my mates triggered a topic which seems to have created more than a slight distration.
So we're talking about each of our last songs- the song that you'd like them to play at your funeral!!; I know, quite a topic eh! its amazing how the human brain continues to remain constructive after almost 24 hrs of doing what we do.

So these are some of the brighter suggestions that were tossed about:
- My Way (the robbie williams version)
- U cant touch this (MC Hammer)
- knockin on Heaven's door (Guns N Roses)
- Leaving on a jet plane (John Denver)
- Home (Michael Bublé)

There were many others and they all made for good laugh. So for the millions who follow my blog, why dont you come back with your "last song".

BTW this one is mine:

Monday, October 5, 2009

If you pray, you don't pay!!!

One of the funny things about our city has to be the scene around mosques during friday's jumaa prayers. These are some images I took recently around a mosque in a residential block.

I just love the enthusiam people have here, epescially to get to the mosque on time. Its like how my side of the town gets on game nights. Offcourse the fundamental difference over there being that we throw away our cars to catch the game at the local pub, but I swear if you were to compare the two photos you wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

While on this subject, I spent close to a months earnings last year on myself. No not by doing what you're thinking, but instead on parking tickets, getting papped each time I'd do over 120K, and by doing a lot of other stuff that you shouldn't do with your wheels. So when I see a sight like this, it does seem unfair that none of these gusy would get the same pie. Imagine if these cars were to get fined, bet you could feed an entire African nation for that amount.

Moral of the story: "number of mosques" X "number of traffic violation tickets" = percentage hike in salary of government employees.

The guys at RTA should pick up on my theory.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


is that cool, or IS THAT COOL!!!!

Got this off a colleague's work area, no points for guessing where she's from.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

carwash conspiracy

I'm a big fan of the dont-try-this-at-home-unless-you-are-naturally-blonde TV series called "Brainiac", and it was in one of their journals where I read about this experiment and wanted to put it to self test.
So as the article goes, when you're driving in heavy rain especially after sunset, and the wipers aren't helping in bettering visibility, wear your sunglasses and notice the contrasting difference. So as it only rains here for 5 minutes in 365 days, I decided to put this to test by driving through an auto carwash!!!!!!! Yeah I know what you're thinking, but it so happens that I was dropped almost immediately after birth and that has left an invisible mark on my head!!
All was going well with the experiment till the part where I put the wipers on and then BANG!! A siren bell went off so loud that I thought we had to run for cover. Soon the water works stopped and a very pissed off car wash attendant shows up in my face wondering why I needed my sunglasses in the middle of a car wash at 11 in the night! I dont think he was interested in hearing about the experiment and without saying anything to eachother it was agreed that I was never to show my face at his car wash again.
So if there is anyone who has heard about this science and have actually experienced it, please let me know. I just found the whole idea fascinating.