Wednesday, October 21, 2009

your last song!

Its nearing midnight, and in a few minutes, we'd have spent over 24 hrs in the office.
One of my mates triggered a topic which seems to have created more than a slight distration.
So we're talking about each of our last songs- the song that you'd like them to play at your funeral!!; I know, quite a topic eh! its amazing how the human brain continues to remain constructive after almost 24 hrs of doing what we do.

So these are some of the brighter suggestions that were tossed about:
- My Way (the robbie williams version)
- U cant touch this (MC Hammer)
- knockin on Heaven's door (Guns N Roses)
- Leaving on a jet plane (John Denver)
- Home (Michael Bublé)

There were many others and they all made for good laugh. So for the millions who follow my blog, why dont you come back with your "last song".

BTW this one is mine:

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