Thursday, October 1, 2009

carwash conspiracy

I'm a big fan of the dont-try-this-at-home-unless-you-are-naturally-blonde TV series called "Brainiac", and it was in one of their journals where I read about this experiment and wanted to put it to self test.
So as the article goes, when you're driving in heavy rain especially after sunset, and the wipers aren't helping in bettering visibility, wear your sunglasses and notice the contrasting difference. So as it only rains here for 5 minutes in 365 days, I decided to put this to test by driving through an auto carwash!!!!!!! Yeah I know what you're thinking, but it so happens that I was dropped almost immediately after birth and that has left an invisible mark on my head!!
All was going well with the experiment till the part where I put the wipers on and then BANG!! A siren bell went off so loud that I thought we had to run for cover. Soon the water works stopped and a very pissed off car wash attendant shows up in my face wondering why I needed my sunglasses in the middle of a car wash at 11 in the night! I dont think he was interested in hearing about the experiment and without saying anything to eachother it was agreed that I was never to show my face at his car wash again.
So if there is anyone who has heard about this science and have actually experienced it, please let me know. I just found the whole idea fascinating.

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