Monday, October 5, 2009

If you pray, you don't pay!!!

One of the funny things about our city has to be the scene around mosques during friday's jumaa prayers. These are some images I took recently around a mosque in a residential block.

I just love the enthusiam people have here, epescially to get to the mosque on time. Its like how my side of the town gets on game nights. Offcourse the fundamental difference over there being that we throw away our cars to catch the game at the local pub, but I swear if you were to compare the two photos you wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

While on this subject, I spent close to a months earnings last year on myself. No not by doing what you're thinking, but instead on parking tickets, getting papped each time I'd do over 120K, and by doing a lot of other stuff that you shouldn't do with your wheels. So when I see a sight like this, it does seem unfair that none of these gusy would get the same pie. Imagine if these cars were to get fined, bet you could feed an entire African nation for that amount.

Moral of the story: "number of mosques" X "number of traffic violation tickets" = percentage hike in salary of government employees.

The guys at RTA should pick up on my theory.

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